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Prosthetic treatment improves and restores the proper occlusal system. It not only allows for the cosmetic supplementation of dental defects, but also for the improvement of aesthetics of dentition and the face profile.

It has a wide range of possibilities in terms of correction of discoloured, faultily shaped or broken teeth, small gaps between the teeth or overlapping teeth.

Supplementation of dental defects is extremely important. Incomplete dentition has serious consequences both for the patient’s health, everyday functioning and appearance. It leads to worse chewing efficiency and that in turn enables disorders of digestive system, adds to disturbances of a maxillary joint, worsens facial features and impairs the ability of speech.

Dint to the fact a dental laboratory forms an integral part of our clinic, we offer to our patients all the tested, worldwide implemented prosthetic solutions. Cooperation with the laboratory allows for the successive stages of dental treatment to be done swiftly and in accordance with the patient’s time preferences.

Procera Crowns

Beauty and strength of your natural teeth

Sprectro shade

Beauty and strength of your natural teeth

Crowns with perfectly fitted color

Procera Bridge

Beauty and strength of your natural teeth

Defect​ ​of​ ​many​ ​teeth

One tooth or defect of many teeth

Tooth crown defect