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Reimbursement of costs

Poland has been a Member State of the European Union since May 1, 2004

Each patient subjected to medical treatment in the territory of the EU shall receive reimbursement of costs of healthcare services in exactly the same way as though he or she was treated in his or her home country.

Patients from Ireland

There are a number of treatments that are not provided under the state schemes, such as, crowns, veneers, orthodontics, bridgework etc. Patients from Ireland may avail of tax relief on the cost of those treatments. Further information on tax relief is available from your Inspector of Taxes or by telephoning the Revenue Forms & Leaflets Service at +353 1 878 0100

We prepare the required documents in the German or English language.

We cooperate with nearly all sickness funds in Europe. However, as a dental clinic, we do not engage in direct settlements with the funds. The patient always pays the price of treatment in the clinic. After the dental treatment has been completed, the patients carry out their individual settlements with their respective sickness funds. Still, we are doing our best to enable our patients to enforce their right to reimbursement of costs of treatment. In our dental clinic, foreign patients receive:

  • a treatment plan and a cost estimation in English (typically one hour after the diagnostic interview)
  • a bill in English (after the completion of treatment).

More than 1000 of our patients have yet had no problems with reimbursement of costs of their dental treatment on the basis of our documentation.

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