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A healthy and beautiful smile helps in life: makes your social and professional communication easier!

We offer specialized dental treatment at a world level.

Achieving a set goal is a result of efforts of a whole dental team. In our dental clinic the team of polish dentists consists of several specialists and their assistants. They take a great care not only of the final effect of the dental treatment, but also of the patient's time and comfort in its duration.

Strict cooperation of dentists with the prosthetic laboratory, acting at the dental clinic, guarantees meeting the individual expectations of the patients and assures the efficient course of dental treatment.

Adherence of the dental laboratory and the treatment rooms of the Implantology Clinic provides swift communication between prosthetic technician, the dentist and the patient –without any loss of time or information. Whenever necessary or important, like whilst defining the optimal colour of a tooth or the fitting, the prosthetic technician can assist the dentist and so attain the information proper for doing his work.

Due to our own computerized roentgen laboratory our dentists influence the final effect already at the planning stage. Diagnosis the dentist makes on the basis of the RTG photographs allows him for the right method of tooth treatment.

The expected results are feasible also due to the use of the tested and worldwide implemented materials of acknowledged brands (German, American and Swedish).

They achieve great precision of treatment also thanks to the use of special glasses with lenses which have a magnification factor of 2.5.

Efficiency of a dental treatment started at the HAHS clinic is assured by the professional facilitated treatment rooms. An intraoral camera, a microscope and an endometer are few of many appliances contributing to the success of a dentist’s work.

Complexity of the dental care provided at the clinic is valued not only by our patients, but also by ourselves. Comprehensive approach towards the patient’s problem, supported by reach and diverse experience of our dentists ensures the best choice of a solution.

New Tom 5G

Digital Diagnostic 3D

One of the most important stages of the dental treatment is planning.

Pain free treatment

Stress-free and optimally short treatment