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We use top quality materials provided by manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Our competitive prices are due to the fact that salaries are significantly lower in Poland than in Western Europe. The costs of rental of premises and taxes are also visibly lower than the European level.

Furthermore, the prices we offer to our foreign patients are exactly the same as prices paid by our patients from Poland. We do not charge any additional fees for increased costs of services provided to patients from abroad. What is also important, we operate independently, without any intermediaries. 

Estimated costs of treatment 

You are encouraged to e-mail us and describe the problem, which we may help you solve. Knowing more about your case, we could, if possible, estimate the costs and method of treatment more accurately.

Treatment scheme 

As there are many options of treatment, we prepare an individual treatment plan for each patient during an advisory meeting.

If you decide to visit our clinic, please notify us via e-mail of the date and time of your arrival to consult our doctor. We usually respond to all e-mail within 24 hours. 

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We accept credit cards.