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If a tooth has been attacked by dental caries the destroyed enamel and dentine must be protected with an adequate material. Decay is removed from the damaged tooth and then the tooth is filled. In our clinic we use mainly composite fillings, ceramage, gold or composite inlays. For children we use colorful fillings which are adored by our young patients.

Laser technology in conservative dentistry

In order to make the treatment more comfortable we can use laser during treatment. Unpleasant drilling is replaced with a laser beam which eliminates decay lesions. This makes a visit more comfortable and less stressful to a patient. The use of laser is particularly recommended for smaller cavities. In such cases local anesthesia is unnecessary. Because laser removes all traces of decay the area being worked on is completely sterile and it is ready to be filled just after using the laser.

Replacement of amalgam fillings

Our clinic specializes in is the replacement of amalgam fillings. We pay a lot of attention to the safety of treatment. For removal of old amalgam fillings our dentists use the tools and equipment which eliminate the possibility of getting the amalgam to the organism during its removal.

For years amalgam fillings have been considered as harmful to health. Many doctors believe that mercury vaporizing from amalgam may cause headaches, migraines and concentration problems. It has been scientifically proven that the content of mercury is 4 times higher in the body of a patient who has amalgam fillings than in a patient who does not have them. Amalgam fillings consist in about 50% of pure mercury whilst the remaining part is an alloy of silver, tin, zinc and copper.

Replacement of amalgam fillings is therefore a step not only towards an esthetic and beautiful but first of all healthy smile.