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Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment is an advanced, painless method of curing carious changes. With ozone treatment, it is possible not only to cure caries, but also to prevent its occurrence. This procedure consists in taking advantage of bactericidal properties of ozone, which oxidizes bacteria in a safe manner.

Ozone treatment guarantees elimination of 99% of bacteria that cause caries. It does not damage healthy teeth tissues, which is the case for traditional methods of caries treatment. The procedure takes a short while – ozone is applied locally for less than a minute. The special applicator makes the procedure safe.


Ozone treatment is non-invasive, i.e.:

  • no drilling
  • no pain
  • no stress
  • no defects in healthy tissues of the tooth, often no need to fill the defect
  • quickly
  • efficiently
  • safely (ozone treatment may even be applied to children and pregnant women)

Ozone treatment also helps preventing future occurrence of secondary caries under the new filling. This in turn means that the treatment prevents further problems and related costs. Ozone treatment gives our patients professional treatment and consequent comfort – we reduce the stress related to visits at the dentist, we save the patients’ time and money.


Example ranges of application of ozone treatment:

  • treatment and prevention of caries
  • disinfection of defects
  • disinfection of hardly available places, the treatment of which means strong pain for the patient: root canals and exposed pulp
  • treatment of dental hyperalgesia
  • speeding up remineralization of dental tissue
  • for inflammatory conditions, surgical operations (it enhances healing and reduces pain)
  • treatment of aphthae and herpes 

Not all development stages of caries allows us to eliminate unpleasant drilling. Sometimes changes are already too deep and changed dental tissue must be removed mechanically. Still, ozone is also used in such cases to eliminate bacteria and disinfect the defect, consequently avoiding any possible problems in the future or even saving the tooth from root canal therapy.