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Root canal treatment

A tooth after an effective root canal treatment stands a good chance of serving the patient for many years.

Root canal (endodontic) treatment provides an opportunity to save severely damaged teeth. It involves the removal of infected or dead pulp from the chamber and the damaged nerve and bacteria from the root canals of this tooth and, next, the canals are thoroughly filled with special materials. Performing all of these stages accurately is a prerequisite for saving the tooth. Finding all, even the smallest branches of root canals and cleaning and filling them thoroughly is the key to success.

State-of-the-art technologies and treatment methods are used at the HAHS clinic. There are 5 endodontic treatment stations available for our patients. Each station is equipped with a microscope and an electronic root canal length measurement device.


Owing to available technologies, it is usually possible to conduct a full treatment procedure during one appointment. It does not have to last many week, which was a standard practice until recently.


The root canal treatment at our clinic includes, amongst other things:

X-ray images: digital x-ray images are taken before the beginning of the treatment (to assess the initial condition) during the treatment and at the end (to control its course).

A microscope allows for examining the interior part of the canal at manifold magnification and for conducting proper treatment: to precisely clean, prepare and fill all root canals (some canals cannot be seen without a microscope).

An electronic root canal length measurement device allows for measuring the length of a root canal with high accuracy. The commonly used method for measuring the root canal length which is based only on an x-ray image is often unreliable.

Dental dam – a thin rubber sheet applied around the treated tooth helps to isolate it from the other teeth. In this way, it creates an aseptic barrier, makes it easy to access the working area, covers the oesophagus, thus increasing the comfort and safety of the dentist's work.

Laser and ozone – the application of these devices raises the efficiency of the endodontic treatment. Their bactericidal properties are particularly important in the case of infections around the tooth root.

The precise preparation of the root canal treatment using a microscope definitely raises the quality of the treatment. In many cases, it also allows for conducting a root canal treatment for teeth which were not properly treated previously. As a result, the patients have the possibility of retaining teeth which do not have the best prognosis.