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Jaw bone restoration

One restores the jaw bone which was damaged in result of an extraction or periodontal disease (damage of the tissue supporting the tooth and surrounding bone atrophy). Fixing an implant in the place of a missing tooth may also require bone restoration.

In our dental clinic we use preparations which allow a quick revitalization of blood vessels and forming a new bone structure. They are:

BIO - OSS - natural bone mineral for bone restoration

It has a natural bone structure, due to its trabecular structure, working as a scaffold and adds to bone integration.

BIO - GIDE - collagen membrane

makes a natural protective barrier that succours the stable restoration of a bone tissue, it works as a barrier which prevents ingrowing of epithelium cells into the restoring tissue.

RESOR PIN - a bioresorpted pin

it has retention disks that allow better stabilization and adherence of a membrane to the bone.