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29’th of May 2017

New teeth: an exotic holiday souvenir

TV report on the German SUPER.MARKT

In recent years the German households’ expenditures on dental procedures have increased. For this reason holidays in Poland aiming at having new teeth have become more and more attractive. A journalist have decided to check if the treatment in Poland is as good as the one performed in Germany and why the prices are more profitable. The German insurance companies are not advising against the dental treatment abroad. A representative for a German insurance company confirms that foreign dentists are as reliable as the German ones.

21’st of March 2016

You should pay attention to dental treatment abroad

TV report on the German ZDF

Looking for information about dental treatment abroad, The German television channel ZDF has visited HAHS Dental Implantology Clinic. The documentary presents issues that should be considered while planning treatment in a foreign country e.g. if the chosen clinic cooperates with foreign health insurance companies, the quality of materials, if the staff communicates in foreign languages. Mr. Walter Papentin, a patient of the HAHS Clinic, relates his experience with the treatment performed in Poland i.e. the course of his treatment.

11th December 2014

Treatment in Poland at advantageous prices

TV report on the German NDR

Prosthetic treatment in Germany is very expensive. For this reason, there are a lot of people who decide to have prosthetic treatment in Poland. The HAHS Clinic in Szczecin treat a large number of international patients in addition to their many Polish clients.

27’th of August 2014

Younger looking and beautiful teeth – medical tourism booms in Szczecin

Article in „Gazeta Wyborcza“ (Polish newspaper)

The majority of tourists who visit Szczecin for medical reasons decide to carry out implantology and prosthetic treatment. Here is a few of Szczecin’s biggest advantages: a good location, high quality of service, qualified dentists and the possibility of reimbursement after their treatment in HAHS Dental Clinic. Patients satisfied with the treatment they get, recommend the excellent services of Polish clinics.
15th of May 2013

Implants from Poland: High quality at an affordable price

Article in FOCUS (German newspaper)

When there is a need to start high quality prosthetic dental treatment, high fees have to be taken into account by patients.
The subsidy provided by the German health fund for the dental treatment doesn’t cover the costs of the whole treatment.
Many patients have to obtain a credit aid, or resign from carrying out the treatment.
Implants placed in Poland, e.g. in the HAHS Clinic are an attractive alternative for them.

Mai 2013

At the highest level

Article in TPS (leading polish dentistry magazine for specialists)

The editorial staff of the dentistry magazine acknowledged the high quality service, state-of-the-art solutions and good reputation, which the Clinic has earned for itself in the international field.
The daughter of the Clinic's founder, Implantologist dr. Joanna Hahs-Gaborska, revealed in the lengthy interview about the history of the Clinic and the plans for the future.

6th of October 2011

Article in the German magazine "SUPERillu"

Four dentists and one crown.

Our dentists, four treatment alternatives. The HAHS dental clinic was the only clinic from Poland in the comparative ranking of Polish and German clinics. The article contains experiences and opinions of the patients. The conclusions show that the HAHS clinic in Szczecin, provides the highest level of quality for teeth and under more affordable conditions than in Germany.

25th of September 2011

Article in the German daily "Bild am Sonntag"

To save money on implants, I went for treatment in Poland.

A lot of German patients treat their teeth in Poland, where they are offered the best prosthetic solutions. Dental treatment in Poland is more affordable than in Germany. Some of the dental clinics have even contracts with German Local Health Authorities. Mr Wolfgang Krause, the patient of HAHS dental clinic boasts, that he is very satisfied with the treatment that he received in Szczecin.

18th of November 2008

TV report on the Polish TVN24.

Other than medical treatments, patients plan the rest, use hotel services, catering and cultural offers during the stay in Poland. It leads to the development of services in cities, which are visited by foreigners. One of the represented cities in the report is Szczecin, where patients are treated in HAHS clinic..

9th of May 2009

TV report on the Polish TVN24.

Patients from the whole world are looking for possibilities of treatment outside their countries. They choose clinics and hospitals, which help them with health problems and let them save money. The TVN team showed the phenomenon of medical tourism in Poland using the HAHS clinic in Szczecin as an example.

May 2008

Dental trail from the North.

A dental tourism phenomenon has been analyzed in a large article in the Baltic Panorama magazine. Patients from Scandinavian countries are the ones who visit Szczecin the most often. Hahs Clinic is one of the biggest and the most modern clinics chosen by patients who decided on a treatment in Poland.

8 October 2007

Article in "Gazeta Wyborcza" (Polish newspaper)

Article in "Gazeta Wyborcza" (Polish newspaper)

Foreigners spent at least 65 million dollars in our country on massages, plastic surgery and new teeth. This year they are going to spend at least one third more. HAHS clinic serves 50 Germans, English and Scandinavians weekly.

9th of July 2007

Article in FOCUS (German newspaper)

Being treated abroad.

Focus reports about patients receiving treatment abroad. The magazine describes the various patient’s stories. The magazine shows how much money, in percentage terms, can be saved during the treatment in our clinic.

23th of February 2007

Article in the Herald Tribune.

Cheap European flights cater to both commuting doctors and drunken revelers.

Article presents the influence the low-cost airlines have on European habits (from leisure through health to new career). Medical tourism is shown on the example of dental clinic HAHS in Szczecin in Poland.

25th of January 2007

TV report on the German WDR

Third cannal of ARD (German television), in the "WELTWEIT" programme has shown a reportage on a German patients treated in Poland at HAHS dental clinic in Szczecin.

August 2006

Article in the Ryanair Magazine

A tooth for a tooth

Dental work generally costs a small fortune, but it depends on where it is done. Poland, for example, is currently evolving into a mecca for dental tourists.

22nd of May 2006

Clinic ranking 2006 Newsweek

HAHS Clinic achieved 3'rd place in Poland in the Newsweek ranking of the best Polish clinics carried out by Newsweek (Polish edition) in 2006. The certificate was given by a Polish Minister of Health.

20th of April 2006

Feature programme on the German N-TV

In April 2006, N-TV reporters visited the HAHS PROTODENS clinic. The material recorded during the visit presents the phenomenon of medical tourism. German patients who took advantage of dentist treatment abroad in HAHS PROTODENS are the main characters of the story.

17th of March 2006

Article in Rzeczpospolita (Polish newspaper)

Poland – the new health and beauty center

In March 2006, the „Rzeczpospolita” daily paper published an article on the dynamic development of Polish medical companies. Authors of the article recognized HAHS Clinic as a good example illustrating this phenomenon.

28th of January 2006

Article in Glos Szczecinski (Polish newspaper)

An implant is just a beginning

In January 2006, “Glos Szczecinski” newspaper published an interview with Joanna Hahs-Gaborska. The subject of the interview was contemporary technologies used at the HAHS Clinic. Crowns, bridges and dentures carried out using these technologies provide the highest esthetic results.

13th of June 2005

Feature programme on German television ARD

In June 2005, ARD broadcast a feature programme about treatment in the HAHS PROTODENS clinic.

12th of June 2005

German radio station Deutsche Welle

Radio feature entitled ‘Medical Tourism in Europe’

In June 2005 Deutsche Welle radio station broadcast a feature containing an interview with the director of the HAHS PROTODENS Clinic. The main topic of discussion was the increasing number of patients from Western Europe, starting their treatment in the clinic.

21st of May 2005

Article in the German Frankfurter Rundschau

In new light. Szczecin, which used to be called the Pearl of Pomerania, is becoming a center again after Poland’s accession to the EU. HAHS PROTODENS Clinic in Szczecin is experiencing increasing interest of patients from Western Europe. The number of Germans and Scandinavians who decide to undergo treatment in the clinic is growing dynamically.

28th of April 2005

Article in Swedish SYDSVENSKAN

Poland is shown as a price paradise for Western tourists.

27th of April 2005

Article in German magazine STERN

The joy of shopping on the other side of the border

A year after Poland’s accession to the EU, more and more Germans, Swedes and Danes discover the Baltic city of Szczecin as the Mecca for shoppers. Dental treatment offered by HAHS clinic in Szczecin also is becoming more and more popular among patients from Western Europe.

1st of April 2005

TV report on the German 3 SAT

See Surgeon at a discount. Dental tourism in the Eastern Europe

The 3 SAT (German television) has shown a reportage on a treatment in Dental Clinic HAHS in Szczecin.

16th of March 2005

Article in Le Figaro (French newspaper).

Les dents des Berlinoises refaites en Pologne

On March 2005 in article "Les dents des Berlinoises refaites en Pologne" Le Figaro has presented our clinic to Frenchmen.

4th of February 2005

TV report on the German RBB

The RBB (German television) has shown in the "RBB at 6" programme, a reportage on a treatment in Implantology and Orthodontic Clinic HAHS in Szczecin. Every fifth German patient chooses to visit the dentist in neighbouring Poland. For a variety of reasons.

February 2005

Italian Radio

On February 2005 Amisnet (Italian Radio) played a broadcast on the Dental Clinic Hahs in Szczecin.

7th of November 2004

TV report on the German NDR

The NDR (German television) has shown in the DAS! programme a reportage on a treatment at HAHS Clinic.

28th of September 2004

Article in STERN (German newspaper)

Medical tourism. Dental treatment in the East of Europe

Many dentists in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary provide their patients with high quality treatment for lower prices. Popularity of dental treatment in the East is growing among German tourists.

8th of September 2004

TV report on the RBB

The RBB (German television) has presented on the 8’th of September 2005 at 9 p.m. a reportage on implantology treatment at our Clinic.

3th of September 2004

Article in Rzeczpospolita (Polish newspaper)

Dental tourism boom in Poland.

2nd of August 2004

TV report on the ZDF (German television)

The ZDF has shown a reportage on a treatment at HAHS Clinic.

13th of April 2004

Article for the AFP (French Press Agency)

Polish dentists make a fortune out of cross border fillings

On 13th of April 2004 was written an article by a journalist from German branch of the French Press Agency. Its title: "Polish dentists make a fortune out of cross border fillings – German and Danish people at dentists in Poland."