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Healthy smile designers

Pain free treatment

Stress-free and optimally short treatment

For patients

  • whose stomachs sink or whose toothache becomes stronger when they hear the word “dentist”...
  • who perceive themselves as timid or for those who are panic-stricken before a dental appointment. Who are so terrified of any contact with the dentist that they even fail to go to an annual dental check-up...
  • they are afraid of unpleasant sounds made by devices used by dentists, e.g. drills...
  • they have to have teeth removed or are planning on complex surgical treatments, e.g. implant placement, bone reconstruction...
  • they are afraid of pain during anaesthetic injections or for whom local anaesthesia does not work...

... we have appropriate solutions.

The Wand: magic wand-like anaesthesia

Traditional anaesthetic injections using a syringe do not only cause pain already while injecting the anaesthetic, but also induce fear of the dentist.

For local anaesthesia, we use a computer-controlled device called “The Wand”. It allows for delicate and pain-free administration of the anaesthetic. The anaesthesia begins to work immediately and the optimal administration method requires a lower amount of the anaesthetic. In this way, the anaesthesia process is safer.

To exceptionally sensitive patients, we offer the possibility of additional anaesthesia at the injection site using a special anaesthetic spray.

General anaesthesia: patients fall asleep dreaming of a beautiful smile and wake up with it!

A lot of people avoid visiting the dentist for many years. Such patients would not decide on a treatment using standard anaesthesia. To patients who would like to sleep during their treatment we offer sedation or general anaesthesia.

Sedation (administration of a sedative):

  • the patient is half-asleep. In this way, he/she does not feel any pain during dental treatments.

General anaesthesia:

  • the patient's awareness as well as the ability to feel pain are completely switched off.

Professional care

At our clinic, patients are provided with comprehensive care during every visit, also during general anaesthesia. The patient is taken care of not only by dentists but also by experienced anaesthesiologists and nurses as well as dental assistants.

Our patients' safety is our priority. Before each procedure or treatment using general anaesthesia, we discuss the related risks, answer any questions, assess the patient's health status, measure the arterial pressure etc. During the procedure, the vital functions are monitored on a continuous basis using state-of-the-art monitoring devices. The patients wake up shortly after the procedure and after an hour they are free to go home or to the hotel. In the meantime, they rest in a specially adapted room under the care of an assistant or a close person.

The first dental treatment in general anaesthesia was conducted in 1846 by Boston dentist W.T.G. Morton. Contemporary and modern sedation methods allow patients to sleep nicely and lightly.

Minimal invasive treatment, shorter anaesthesia

Proper treatment requires appropriate diagnostics and it is based on accurate planning. As a result, treatments such as tooth removal, especially as far as third molars or retained teeth are concerned, do not have to be unpleasant. For the patient's subsequent wellness, it is very important that the dentist should be well prepared for surgical procedures.

Complex treatments at the HAHS Clinic are often planned on the basis of a 3D diagnosis (digital tomography). Using a 3D image of the treatment area on the computer screen, we analyse the tooth position, its situation and size. On this basis, we choose the optimal technique for the treatment. In this way, the surgeon's actions are minimally invasive and very precise. Preparations are nearly as long as the procedure itself, but we reduce the patient's pain and distinctly reduce the healing time.

More information about modern diagnostic methods used at our clinic can be found here