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There are about 300 implanting systems in the world. In our dental clinic we graft implant Replace System and Branemark System fixtures, which have proven their reliability and versatility. Using the best solutions, our dentists are able to treat complex cases even more efficiently.

Implant treatment:

Immediate implants:

Replace Select immediate implants - implants of this type are used only in front area. A crown can be applied immediately, which eliminates discomfort of a visible gap.

Branemark Novum (3 - implant supported bridgework) - this solution is used when the lower jaw is toothless. The implantation is done in the morning, so as to be able to fix the solid bridge onto them in the afternoon.

Zygoma Branemark - the solution is applicable if the bone in the side of the maxilla is missing.

IPI Steri Oss provisional implants - the implants are affixed between the permanent implants during the same surgery. A temporary denture bridge is put in to ensure positive appearance for the time of the implant and bone fusion.

Two-stage implant treatment:

In many cases, it is not possible to set a crown (or a denture) onto the new implant during the same surgery. In such a case, the crown (or denture) will be applied upon the completion of integration, once the implant has formed a stable foundation for the new tooth. Therefore, the procedure consists of the following two stages:

  1. Stage: Branemark permanent implant placement in jaw bone
  2. Stage: crown setting (in 3-6 months).


Nobel Perfect (Scalloped Implantat) - the newest type of implant, the profile of which helps to restore absolutely natural front gum aesthetics. This solution will make you smile again!