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Effects of negligence

Not treated malocclusions can lead to serious disorders of the jaw joint (first symptoms are clicks while opening or closing of mouth), as well as to caries (they impede exact brushing of teeth) and paradontium diseases. In effect they can lead to the loss of teeth.

Causes of malocclusions

Disorders are caused by inherited malocclusions or acquired ones (in 80% of the cases). Acquired malocclusions are formed during the first years of ones life. They are caused by:

  • deficiency of vitamins (e.g. of a vitamin D)
  • putting a child in a cradle in a faulty position, wrong way of feeding
  • a faulty way of breathing (through the open mouth, caused by the overgrowth of tonsils, allergies, mucosa or throat inflammation)
  • a faulty way of swallowing or speaking
  • a habit of sucking (one’s finger, lip, objects)
  • an injury

However, the most common cause of malocclusions is dental caries (of milk teeth especially) and its consequences, leading to the preterm loss of a child’s teeth. The preterm loss of milk teeth consequently results in occlusion disorders, jaw bone growth inhibition and damage of the permanent teeth buds formation process. It extends or delays the process of exchange of dentition and the eruption order for the permanent teeth is disturbed (the teeth are crowded, displaced from the dental arch, turned from their own vertical axis).